Hello to all the wonderful ChunkyChickz in ChunkyChickzWorld. It’s MissDivaJanae hailing from the wonderful world of and I’m here with another installment of Fashion Fridays! Today’s trend ; Collared Shirts. The Collar look is not a new look at all, but I’ve seen this preppy look being rocked and a lot around the streets of NY when I visited not too long ago.  Today I’m going to show you how you can achieve the Collar look with pictures from my favorite Fashion Blogger Gabbi Gregg. You can check her amazing blog out at She gives me so much fashion inspiration so I’m sure she will inspire you as well! So now that that’s all said and done,  let’s begin!

Denim Blues

Here Gabi has paired a collar button up with a pair of dark washed jeans. The Contrast of the two hues of blue is so fabulous to me. The Collared shirt is jazzed up a bit with a bold necklace and a skinny belt brings in her shape. Accessories definitely play an important role in this outfit and I just absolutely love it!! See how the collared shirt brings a preppy feel to the outfit?

Blaze Me Up

Here Gabi has dressed up the collared shirt look up a bit by pairing a white collared shirt with a high waisted skirt. The beige colored blazer brings a bit of color and a causal feel to her outfit. Once again a statement necklace is the centerpiece of the outfit and I love the combo! These looks have definitely inspired me to go out and get a bundle of collared shirts and statement necklaces!

So if you love this look but don’t have a collared shirt of your own, have no fear YouTube fashion guru Chriselle Lim is here!  She did an amazing video a couple of weeks ago on how to create your own statement collars and she even gave a detailed variety on how you can put your D.I.Y. Collar with outfits that you have in your own closet! These D.I.Y. collars could double as a statement necklace as well and bring a personal touch to any of your outfits! I will be trying to make one of these collars soon.

So that’s all for this week ladies! Log on to for more fashion and beauty videos from yours truly, and be sure to check in next Friday for another fashion Friday post where I show you another trend for you to try. Until next time ladies xoxoxo