It was late spring/summer 2002 (15 years ago WOW!) Amerie a 22 year old crooner asked us a simple question. Why don’t we fall in love??? With the side walk as her catwalk the 22 year old strutted as she told us that tomorrow ain’t really guaranteed, and to do anything less than fall in love was well…. Stupid! This holds true today, with so much negativity in this world it would be nice to have someone to come home to at night that is a guaranteed safe space, full of love, support and appreciation.

It’s 2017 and the question still holds true… “Why Don’t We Fall In Love?”

Enjoy the vibes below…


– Empress ❤




Hold up now! She a has a GRANDCHILD???!!!! Claude have mercy ya’ll are getting old!!!

“Moesha” star Shar Jackson has been ordered to stay at least 50 yards away from her grandchild.


So Shar’s daughter has a child with Zoey 101 star Chris Massey who apparently dropped his daughter of to spend time with grandma for a few weeks.


Chris is now saying that was the worst decision he could have ever made, because when he picked his child up she had a 4 inch razor cut across her forehead and she says her grandmother is the one who did it to her.

Chris also alleges that when he confronted Shar about the injury her response was simply “she intends to do whatever she wants” and this prompted the actor to seek support and protection for his child from the courts.

TMZ Reports…

A judge granted Chris’ request, ordering Shar stay at least 50 yards away from the kid. Shar’s rep tells us, “Shar categorically denies all of this nonsense, as it it completely fabricated and from the mouth of a very troubled individual. Period.”


Hopefully Shar will have the opportunity to fix this situation so that she can maintain a relationship with her Grandchild.

– Empress ❤




I know you probably saw the trailer last night on VH1. But for those who didn’t, this one is for you. The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast is back for Season 4 with new cast-members and more drama. The trailer teases Keyshia Cole‘s journey back to the top of her game and her pending divorce from former NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

The two met in 2009 and wed in 2010. With the pending divorce, the couple will open up about co-parenting while living under the same roof. Bobbie will also share his journey into music and his new friendship with Safaree Samuels.

Vets like Ray J & Princess are also back, with an urgency to expand their family. Teairra Mari is battling her troubles with alcoholism with an intervention that goes left.

Check out the trailer below. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood will return to the TV screen July. 24 on VH1. 


– Empress ❤



After we watched their breakup play out on National TV, TI & Tiny appear to be bringing the relationship back together again. Yay! In an extremely sweet expression of love TI poured his heart out in a Birthday message to his wife on Instagram this past Friday. He even posted a sweet collage with pics of them over the years.

“Happy Gday to my beautiful lovely lil loud mouth, argumentative know it all, sh*t kickin,Cap a** Southside Patna. @majorgirl,” he wrote. “As a couple We’ve experienced some of the greatest moments in our lives together & burnt a hole in a bunch of big bags of money, in some of the most beautiful places in the world. And while I may have f*cked up & still have so many more f*ck ups in me on so many levels, one thing that’s never gon’ change is how I consider you….You are, have been, & always will be one of the Best Friends I have in the world.”

There’s more…

“While most of these nosey, no business havin’, overly-opinionated, fake caring a** people would see it as a break up… I see it differently,” he continued. “In my eyes, we didn’t break up, we EVOLVED into something unconditional. A relationship that supersedes fidelity, physical presence, or any other disagreement we may have faced.”

Her response was sweet as well…

 “Aww Big Daddy can’t do nothing but say I will always love you forever and a day.”

“My one of a kind King/patna lol…I’ll let you slide this time with that one,” she added. “Anywho [thanks] for everything especially those [seven] kids. Now show up and show out like I know you to do!”

I can’t lie I’m #TeamHarris here’s hoping that they can work through their issues and keep the family together!

– Empress ❤




Premiere Of HBO's "Insecure" - Arrivals

I know ya’ll see my girl Issa Rae. Yass… The glow and grow is REAL!

HBO released the official trailer for the second season of the series Insecure. All I can say is here comes the drama. I’m still mad at Lawrence dog ass for the stunt he pulled last season. I’m pretty sure that I will mute the TV when he comes on screen this time around.  Now that Issa is single this season she gets a chance to mingle.


The preview begins with Issa talking to herself in pure Awkward Blackgirl fashion, then it cuts to a series of mini dates which all look pretty painful, after which we get to see her friend/personal therapist Molly step in as usual to help Issa work through her relationship issues.

The clip shows the highs and lows of a black woman in the work place, love and life. So far it looks good… I can’t wait for the premiere! Insecure will premiere on HBO on July 23, but check out the official trailer below…


– Empress ❤