QUOTE: “All I can say is that the only person that can stop you from achieving your goals is yourself. If you believe, then everyone else will too. Be proud of who you are and don’t change for anyone.” – Denise Bidot



“All I can say is that the only person that can stop you from achieving your goals is yourself. If you believe, then everyone else will too. Be proud of who you are and don’t change for anyone.” – Denise Bidot


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If you live up North I’m sure you’re thinking NOOOO we have a few months till we can officially say that… LOL but where I’m from it’s Fatkini Season year round. I love my City MIAMI! Don’t hate…

Now  for the reason that you’re here… Fatkini’s! Lately I’ve been posting beautiful photos of Fatkini’s that #iwant on my Instagram from Rue 107 & Monif C. But, Gabi Gregg is thee champ baby! Her new line of Fatkini’s for Swimsuits For All is sooo HAUTE Take a look at a few of The promo flicks that she released recently below…

gabigregg1 gabigregg2 gabigregg3

Yasss, Ms. Gabi Yasss!!!

The GabiFresh collection includes * Fatkini’s & one one piece. Gabi’s suits are available in size 12-24  in D/DD cups, and are all priced under $100. She’s even gone so far as to share notes on fit on her blog so head over there and check her out.


Monif C Fatkini



Rue 107 Fatkini



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gabi GREGG


Here’s a snapshot of Fashion Blogger Gabi Gregg (@GabiFresh) modeling one of her signature Bikini’s for Swimsuits For All… DOPE!

– Empress

FASHION FRIDAY: Color My World by @VintageBlondie


Hello and Happy New Year to all my Chunky Chickz out there in Chunky Chickz World!! Hope your 2013 so far has been fabulous and wonderful. So we have a full year to discuss the latest fashion trends, and what better way to start off than with the Colored Skinny Jeans Trend! Everywhere you look you now see everyone in colored skinnies, and I absolutely love them! They re-vamp any outfit and automatically turn you into a color blocking fashionista. Colored Jeans come in all types of colors and shades of the rainbow, so you ladies are sure to find a shade that’s perfect for you. I myself have become a little obsessed with this trend. I found myself buying 4 pairs of colored jeans last week! What can I say, I love a good trend! I’m gonna recommend some places where you can find some bold and fabulous colored skinnies. But first let’s see how we can make this trend work for our day to night schedule So let us begin!

Color by Day

If you’re a Chunky Chick like me, you spend most of your day pretty casual. So pair your colored skinny’s with an over sized sweater and cute combat boots so that you keep warm, and stay cute during this harsh winter.


Color by Night

For a night out with the girls or maybe that special somebody, a pair of colored jeans can ensure that you’re the center of attention that night. Dress it, up dress it down, either way these pants ensure comfort while still looking hot!


Colored Skinnies can be found a numerous plus size retailers, but the best to get them in my opinion is Forver21, Ashley Stewart, Torrid and Lane Bryant! I have colored skinnies from all places and they fit extremely well! Also try your hand at Old Navy, NY & Company, and even your local thrift store! Colored skinnies have been out forever!

So ladies I hope you have enjoyed this First Fashion Friday Post of 2013. Hopefully you run out and try your hand at some colored skinny jeans. You will be glad you did! Follow me on Twitter at @VintageBlondie, and check out more cool things on my website www.nothingminusaboutaplus.blogspot.com! Until next time ladies! Xoxoxox


Hello again ladies! It’s me once again from Nominusplus.com and I’m here with another Fabulous Fashion Friday Post! Today’s trend is The Body Con Dress. This dress looks good on any curvy woman. The body con dress shows your curves, makes you look sexy and can be worn either dressed up or dressed down. Let’s take this simple pink bodycon dress from Forever21.com and dress it up and down.


Ok so you can dress down a bodycon dress by adding a cropped denim jacket and combat boots. The denim jacket will cover your arms and bring your shape in, and the black combat boots will give your just a splash of punk-rock chic. If the rocker edge isn’t your style, pair the dress with a floral printed cardigan and cream colored ballerina flats to give it a romantic soft chic look.


Ok so for a dressier look let’s remove the rocker boots and jean Jacket and add some black pumps and a clutch for a classy night out on the town. For a bolder look, try adding a different color pair of pumps. A nice yellow pair could add a Nicki Minaj feel to the pink dress and make you look bright, flirty and fun. If it gets to chilly, throw on a cardigan or a light jacket to keep your arms warm. Also add a pair of opaque tights if you don’t want too much leg to be shown.

Ok ladies so this completes this week’s fashion Friday post. Check me out over at www.nominusplus.com for all things fashion and beauty and check in next Friday for another fabulous Friday post. Follow me on twitter at @vintageblondie


Hello again to all my Chunky Chickz out there in Chunky Chickz World, Its Brielle again hailing from the fabulous world of Nominusplus.com and I’m here giving you yet another Fashion Friday segment. Hopefully last week’s introductory segment had you running to the stores to find your own floppy hat. I gushed recently at this cranberry colored floppy hat at Target and I couldn’t bear leaving the store without it.But today’s Fashion Friday trend hails from the fabulous motherland of Africa and has been sweeping the pages of magazines and style blogs this fall and winter season.

Ladies I present to you: The Head Wrap. You may have seen this eclectic style graced upon the heads of Solange, Chrisette Michelle, Erykah Badu and the always fabulous Miss June Ambrose. So this Winter I dare you to be different and try this funky new look. Even I have fallen under fabulous spell of the head wrap, and have been wearing it religiously on rainy days; lazy days and days where I just feel like standing out. The head wrap is a great way to add some flair to any outfit, and a quick way of getting out the door on those days where you roll out of bed and realize you have 20 mins to rush to work and/or school.

Solange Knowles 

Chrisette Michelle

June Ambrose

 The Head Wrap Swag on Yours Truly 

Wanna try this look out? Here’s two how to videos on How to wrap it up this winter. The first is a more dramatic turban, while the other is a bit more conservative.

So that’s it ladies, Hope you have enjoyed this week’s Fashion Friday segment. For more things fashion and beauty, please be sure to check out my personal site and blog http://www.NoMinusPlus.com and follow me on twitter @vintageblondie

TTYL Ladies xo ❤

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