Premiere Of HBO's "Insecure" - Arrivals

I know ya’ll see my girl Issa Rae. Yass… The glow and grow is REAL!

HBO released the official trailer for the second season of the series Insecure. All I can say is here comes the drama. I’m still mad at Lawrence dog ass for the stunt he pulled last season. I’m pretty sure that I will mute the TV when he comes on screen this time around.  Now that Issa is single this season she gets a chance to mingle.


The preview begins with Issa talking to herself in pure Awkward Blackgirl fashion, then it cuts to a series of mini dates which all look pretty painful, after which we get to see her friend/personal therapist Molly step in as usual to help Issa work through her relationship issues.

The clip shows the highs and lows of a black woman in the work place, love and life. So far it looks good… I can’t wait for the premiere! Insecure will premiere on HBO on July 23, but check out the official trailer below…


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Dedicated to my Honey Bun ❤

Back to the topic at hand. I tend to get off topic every now and then… Can we say swoon?! Cause that’s exactly what this song does for me. The single from Childish Gambino’s  Awaken My Love! project has reached double-platinum status.

Well Alright Donald Glover! I’ve been a fan since before you released 3005 a.k.a. another banger! RIAA released the announcements for platinum and gold acts. In addition to the single’s success, the album also reached gold status by selling over 500,000 copies.

Glover is also nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy  & Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his series Atlanta (which I love) see I told you I was a fan. He also received nominations in the category “Best Writing for a Comedy Series” for Donald and his brother Stephen for the episodes “B.A.N.,” (Donald) and “Streets on Lock” (Stephen).

The brother is winning! Kudos to him, and please don’t retire from music the game needs you!

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Ask Haz: Are we JUST FRIENDS or is he JUST Playing GAMES?! | by @Haztv


Hey Haz,

I have a guy that wants to play the friend game but not by the rules, meaning he can go fishing but I can’t. How do I let a man know that once he says “we’re just friends” not to expect me to act like his girlfriend?


Ok since this is a follow up to a question that I’ve already answered I’m gonna save all the fake deep stuff and get straight to the point. When it comes to dealing with the opposite sex it’s always best to know what you want going in the door. Now it sounds to me like you would’ve been good with being his girlfriend had he said that but instead YOU let HIM set the tone of the relationship virtually allowing him to pick the rules. The reason he doesn’t want you “fishing” the way he does is because of what I told you before, men don’t like to share their pussy. You agreed to be just the “friend” but you didn’t come up with the idea. You probably were being faithful in the beginning and your relationship hit it’s “glass ceiling” so to speak and he came up with the friend line. Hopefully not after you applied pressure on him asking what your status was. Realize that if you only want to fish because he is and wouldn’t if he didn’t then ya ass is outta pocket. It’s all tit for tat till a bitch get slapped. If you want a relationship find you a nigga that wants a relationship. Stop settling for a piece of a man. Now if you really just want to be friends then like I said in the previous response tell that nigga to take the cuffs off. It doesn’t matter what he expects, he is a friend he has no say. If he can’t accept what a friend truly is then you have no option other than to charge him to the game or. Now stop asking me about this shit lol.


– @Haztv

@Haztv is the Co-host of Chunky Chickz Radio and an up and coming writer and social commentatorwith frequent blog contributions to #SoPhi & he will now be giving sound advice to the readers ofChunky Chickz World.
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Hey Haz,


Why do men play the friend game with us, they do what or who they want but expect us to act like their girlfriend?


Because you let us. I been drinkin that brown bitch so I’ma be blunt. A man’s gone be a man. That mean’s he’s gonna want to run the streets the way men do and come home to HIS woman. A man will understand that he has to share these hoes but will never want to share HIS woman. That means he’s gonna want you to himself but still be susceptible  to sampling some shone on the side. That’s what men do. It’s up to you as a woman to focus his attention and energy to help him elevate to his full potential. Now in your case you may have a problem boo. If the right woman comes around a nigga with any worth will claim her even if he has to get his life right  just to do so. Now if yall just wanna fuck and not claim each other then that should be clear. If he don’t know what a “friend” is then you need to educate him on the rules of the game and proceed to do ya thang. However if you want more than just a friend and are trying to do right but just ain’t getting the title then chances are ya pussy might be the problem. It’s probably good but it ain’t great.You the shit but you ain’t it. Ya coochie might just be convenient.  If that’s the case then you need to hit me up at for some 1 on 1 Confidence Coaching to help you elevate ya game to where it need to be. In the end if you make it too easy for a man he will almost always take you for granted and no woman likes driving home late at night with a soggy sac.

@Haztv is the Co-host of Chunky Chickz Radio and an up and coming writer and social commentator with frequent blog contributions to #SoPhi & he will now be giving sound advice to the readers ofChunky Chickz World.
Hit him up at if you have a problem that you need help solving!