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Hello to all the Chunky Chickz out there in Chunky Chickz World. It’s me again from with another fabulous installment of Fashion Fridays. So usually I do a segment on some type of clothes or accessories, but today I … Continue reading


Hello to all the ChunkyChickz out there in ChunkyChickz world!! It’s me, Brielle Janae, coming BACK with another fabulous installment of Fashion Fridays! It’s been soo long since I have come to you and I’m excited to be back! Ok so let’s just pick up right where we left off and jump into spring! Warmer weather is on its way and I couldn’t be more excited! And you of course should be as well divas. When I think of spring I think Easter Sunday, lots of flowers and pastel colors! Springtime means that lighter and brighter colors are seen everywhere, and that includes in your wardrobe. Today’s installment will inspire you to trade in your heavy winter ensemble, into a playful, colorful spring!


Ok so let us begin with a pastel colored dress. It’s a simple classy way to dress up your spring wardrobe. A light pink belt was added to the waist for a simple, but adorable color blocking feel to the dress. Nude accessories were added so that the dress stands out, without any of the accessories over powering the outfit.


Resurrect your winter wardrobe by adding small touches of pastel accessories. So take your Little Black Dress, (or any other dark colored simple dress) and add a bunch of classy pastel accessories. The pastel belt will bring in your shape, add color and dimension to your outfit. The earrings will add sophistication and give an Audrey Hepburn look to your outfit. And the bangles will add some jingle to your arms and let everyone know the bell of the ball has arrived!


So if you can’t find a pastel dress, or any pastel accessories, or if maybe the pastel clothing and such isn’t your thing, still catch some spring fever! Add in your pastel edge with nail polishes and eye shadows. The greatest thing about beauty products is that if there are soo many options! So many colors and different ways to express and find your own look. So don’t be afraid to hit the drug store and find a bold new color to rock on your fingers and toes. And trade out that winter Smokey eye for a pop of spring on your lids.

Ok dolls, so Fashion Friday has come to an end but have no fear! Next Friday I will be back again showing you another trend that you can pull off this spring. Be sure to visit me over at for more fashion and beauty videos. Become one of my tweethearts and follow me on twitter @vintageblondie. Until next time ladies, Happy Spring!


Hello again ladies! It’s me once again from and I’m here with another Fabulous Fashion Friday Post! Today’s trend is The Body Con Dress. This dress looks good on any curvy woman. The body con dress shows your curves, makes you look sexy and can be worn either dressed up or dressed down. Let’s take this simple pink bodycon dress from and dress it up and down.


Ok so you can dress down a bodycon dress by adding a cropped denim jacket and combat boots. The denim jacket will cover your arms and bring your shape in, and the black combat boots will give your just a splash of punk-rock chic. If the rocker edge isn’t your style, pair the dress with a floral printed cardigan and cream colored ballerina flats to give it a romantic soft chic look.


Ok so for a dressier look let’s remove the rocker boots and jean Jacket and add some black pumps and a clutch for a classy night out on the town. For a bolder look, try adding a different color pair of pumps. A nice yellow pair could add a Nicki Minaj feel to the pink dress and make you look bright, flirty and fun. If it gets to chilly, throw on a cardigan or a light jacket to keep your arms warm. Also add a pair of opaque tights if you don’t want too much leg to be shown.

Ok ladies so this completes this week’s fashion Friday post. Check me out over at for all things fashion and beauty and check in next Friday for another fabulous Friday post. Follow me on twitter at @vintageblondie