FASHION FRIDAY: ARM CANDY | by @VintageBlondie

Hello to all my chunkyChickz out there in chunkyChickz world!  Its me again with another fabulous segment of Fashion Fridays. Now, one of the most important and fun things about an outfit is…*drumroll* The Accessories! A necklace can make all the difference in an outfit. But today our focus isn’t on necklaces. No ladies today we are going to discuss bracelets or as we in the fashion world like to call it, Arm Candy.

Now Arm Candy is basically any way to stack your bracelets. It can be rhinestone, pearls, a friendship bracelet or a big watch. It all depends on how creative you can be. The best place to get most of these accessories at affordable prices is Foreer21 stores or There accessories options are amazing and never, ever disappoints! You can always find some amazing bracelets in there.

Now if your a plus size woman, who goes into stores and bracelets don’t quite fit your wrist, don’t fret because there are still arm candy options for you! Fashion 2 Figure, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant ; pretty much any plus size store that carries accessories can cater to us women out there who have a thicker wrist but still wanna rock some arm candy.



Gabi Gregg, who writes the fashion blog GabiFreshposted a series of Fatkini photos on XOJane in April 12′ and this week the Fatkini movement went viral. So much so that the blogger landed herself on the Today Show to talk about the XO Jane photo gallery and her reason for starting the Fatkini Movement. Kudos to the ladies who are bold enough to strut their stuff in a Fatkini!!! Maybe I’ll post a pic or two of my own! LOL

Here’s Gabi on the Today Show ❤

So… is Ms. Gregg Hott or NOTT in her Fatkini?!

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Hello my Darling Divas! I’m here again with another Fashion Friday Segment and today’s fashion lesson is going to be about the ever popular blazer. The blazer comes in different styles, colors and patterns and can be found in a local thrift store or your favorite store. Today I will showcase some lovely blazers that I’ve found and give you some options on how you can rock them this winter.

Black Blazer

The black blazer is a classic way to add a sophisticated flair to your everyday outfit. Since its cold out, pair it with a long sleeved or ¾ sleeve sweater or shirt to keep you warm. A nice solid colored scarf will accent with the black blazer, giving you a warm outfit that you can rock on campus, at work on casual Fridays or a shopping date with the girls.

Colored Blazer

Let’s say you get asked on a hot date or you and the girls get dressed up to paint the town red. A colored blazer can make sure that all eyes are on you and can bring a lovely presence into the room. Here I paired a bright yellow blazer with a simple black LBD (little black dress) and threw some black cable tights in there because it is the wintertime. The loud colored blazer can add some pizazz to your basic LBD and it never hurts to wear a bit of color in a sea of neutral colored outfits. You will stand out and your fabulosity will be the talk of the night!

So ladies try the Blazer in your winter ensemble this season. It can add prep, sophistication to any simple outfit and should be a staple piece in ever woman’s wardrobe. The best spot to find blazers are at thrift stores! They come in so many prints and patterns and they will be one of a kind. Nobody else will be rocking the same unique blazer that you found for a bargain. Be sure to check back next Friday as I share another Fashion Trend for you to try, and don’t forget to check me out on my personal site and follow me on twitter @vintageblondie. Until next time ladies xoxoxo