It was late spring/summer 2002 (15 years ago WOW!) Amerie a 22 year old crooner asked us a simple question. Why don’t we fall in love??? With the side walk as her catwalk the 22 year old strutted as she told us that tomorrow ain’t really guaranteed, and to do anything less than fall in love was well…. Stupid! This holds true today, with so much negativity in this world it would be nice to have someone to come home to at night that is a guaranteed safe space, full of love, support and appreciation.

It’s 2017 and the question still holds true… “Why Don’t We Fall In Love?”

Enjoy the vibes below…


– Empress ❤



lunchmoney lewis

I was browsing on IG a few days ago when I saw a post that DJ Khaled put up… It was a snippet of LunchMoney Lewis‘ video “Bills”. I immediately felt a sense of pride, most of the comments were pretty positive and most people seemed to like the song. My pride comes from the fact that I have known LunchMoney since he was in the group Bottom Of the Map. I’ve interviewed him a few times (check ChunkyChickz Youtube channel for clips) and I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow in an industry that wouldn’t typically feature this kind of artist.

Seeing that I have been out of the loop for sometime now. I was also pleasantly surprised when I found out that Lunch also co wrote and performed the vocals for a track on Nicki Minaj’s album The Pink Print. “Trini Dem Girls” is actually one of my favorite songs on the album. Don’t ask me how or why I didn’t realize that it was Lunch accompanying her on the track…  LOL This is an artist who has been grinding in Miami for a while now, and it looks like his time is now. These days Lunch can be found living it up in Los Angeles writing and building up his songwriting credits making moves just like he did when he was here in Miami. Gotta say again that I’m proud of him, but I’m not surprised at his success seeing that he is the son of  Inner Circle’s bassist and Co Founder of Circle House Studios here in Miami Ian Lewis.

Check out his newest single “Bills’ below…

Trini Dem Girls



jazmine sullivan


So, after taking a break from music. Jazmine Sullivan is back and ready to release her third studio effort entitled “Reality Show”. She’s already released three singles from the album (“Forever Don’t Last”, “Dumb”, & “Mascara”). So far my personal favorite is “Dumb”. In a recent interview with Madame Noire Sullivan was asked why she named the album Reality Show here’s her response below:

“I’m addicted to reality shows.  Since I’ve been out the spotlight, that’s pretty much what I love doing to pass the time.  My album is my reality show.  It’s the closest thing at this point that people get to be able to see what my life has been since I’ve been gone.”


Can’t lie I’m curious to hear her new Album, I was very shocked when she decided to take a break. This album will also reunite Jazmine musically with Super Producer Salaam Remi so I’m sure we’ll get a few hits out of this effort. Check out her newest singles below:

– Empress

#MUSICMONDAY Mary J. Blige Ft. The Clark Sisters – ‘The First Noel’


Yasssssssss! I am certainly here for ALL of this!

Mary J. Blige linked with the incomparable Clark Sisters on an amazing cover of the Christmas Classic “The First Noel“. Jackie, Twinkie, Dorinda & Karen lent their soulful voices to this classic remake and as usual it was music to my ears. Can you tell that I’m a FAN? This is a great look for Mary take a listen…

#MusicMonday Jennifer Hudson Six Years Later… 2013 Oscar Performance



Jennifer Hudson ripped the stage at last nights Academy Awards!

Not bad… Skinny Jennifer can still sang lol #noshade Check it out!