After we watched their breakup play out on National TV, TI & Tiny appear to be bringing the relationship back together again. Yay! In an extremely sweet expression of love TI poured his heart out in a Birthday message to his wife on Instagram this past Friday. He even posted a sweet collage with pics of them over the years.

“Happy Gday to my beautiful lovely lil loud mouth, argumentative know it all, sh*t kickin,Cap a** Southside Patna. @majorgirl,” he wrote. “As a couple We’ve experienced some of the greatest moments in our lives together & burnt a hole in a bunch of big bags of money, in some of the most beautiful places in the world. And while I may have f*cked up & still have so many more f*ck ups in me on so many levels, one thing that’s never gon’ change is how I consider you….You are, have been, & always will be one of the Best Friends I have in the world.”

There’s more…

“While most of these nosey, no business havin’, overly-opinionated, fake caring a** people would see it as a break up… I see it differently,” he continued. “In my eyes, we didn’t break up, we EVOLVED into something unconditional. A relationship that supersedes fidelity, physical presence, or any other disagreement we may have faced.”

Her response was sweet as well…

 “Aww Big Daddy can’t do nothing but say I will always love you forever and a day.”

“My one of a kind King/patna lol…I’ll let you slide this time with that one,” she added. “Anywho [thanks] for everything especially those [seven] kids. Now show up and show out like I know you to do!”

I can’t lie I’m #TeamHarris here’s hoping that they can work through their issues and keep the family together!

– Empress ❤





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