Last night Vic Mensa held a listening session for his debut Album which is set to be released on July 28th. It’s like he’s guaranteed success with Jay-Z providing the introduction at his listening event. Big Tings!

According to Jay, Vic Mensa is a “once in a lifetime artist”

“Vic is a very special talent. He can do everything – sing well, rap well. He even engineers himself sometimes. He’s an incredible artist, like a once in a lifetime artist,” – Jay – Z

Here’s the part that I love about Jay’s intro… He basically informed the crowd to not be on no industry shit! (excuse the hood grammar) I feel him… In my experience, I have been witness to stale, boring events where essentially industry folk come out to people watch, “network” and not to have good time. Side note: I’m working on an event called Miami Renaissance and this will be strictly prohibited. You better bring your dancing shoes because that is how we roll on this side… lol but seriously!


Ok, back to Vic Mensa lol

Vic took the stage to speak on his debut project, stating the following:

“This album is called The Autobiography. This album is really my blood, sweat, and tears, and everything that I’ve learned up to this point in life,” the Roc Nation signee began. “I kind of had to go through a lot of different things to even be able to put this album down on wax… When I talk about this album, I often say that somebody listening to it would know me better than a casual acquaintance that has known me for twenty years, if you listen to this album and really digest it. The things that I’m saying on there are so personal and real to me, but I wanted to make it in a way that everybody could relate to those situations to their own lives… This is just my story, The Autobiography.”

The Autobiography: As Told By Vic Mensa will host features from Weezer, Syd, The-Dream, Pharrell, Saul Williams, Ty Dolla $ign, and fellow Chicago natives, Joey Purp and Chief Keef. No I.D. helms as the project’s executive producer.


– Empress ❤




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