Ms. Jill & Jett Cover Ebony Magazine May 2013 Issue



Love the COVER, not so sure about the message… As you can see Ms. Jill (Jill Scott) and her son have been featured on Ebony Magazines May 2013 Cover with the tagline “Saving Our Sons” In the article Ms. Jill is quoted as she discussed single Parenthood raising a son and the joys of being a Mother.

she lost me a little bit when she began discuss how it takes a village to raise a child… She mentioned several female roles in families but neglected to mention any males. Now, I don’t know what the relationship is with Jett’s father (drummer lil John Roberts) but I can’t help but notice that she made no mention of a father or any male role models…

“You cannot do it all by yourself… You need a village: some Aunties, Grand moms,  friends. I couldn’t do this by myself and i would be a fool to think I could.”

It could mean nothing… Ijs

Pick up the issue and let me know what you think!

Jill Scott og Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland)

Jill Scott og Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland) (Photo credit: aktivioslo)

– Empress ❤



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