Our girl Fantasia was in Trinidad and she had a bit of a melt down during her performance, now if you’ve ever seen her perform you know that she always gets emotional. But this time there was something different… She seemed at her wits end and I hope her family was close by because I would hate for her to attempt to kill herself again. Yes, it’s that bad…

I’m not going to be mean like everyone else and say I told you so. Yes, Karma is a mean bitch but nobody deserves to go through pain like this. Yes Tasia was wrong to wreck a household and ASSUME that the cheater would be faithful to her. If we were all honest with ourselves we have all at one time or another fallen in this trap. Believing the lies of a man who we have fallen in love with. I feel for her because its clear that she has obviously never fully dealt with the issues that led her to this point.

And so the story goes… Antoine has left Fantasia for one of the girls from The Bad Girls Club, left her with two babies to raise AND some real emotional scars to boot! I hope Fantasia learns her lesson this time!

I’m posting the full performance… But the last video is the one with the “melt down” smh

The girl can still SANG her ass off!!!



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