QUEENS CORNER: Can Facebook Really Ruin Relationships?

Most of us watch our significant others Facebook page, and we ALL know that chick who seems to get a little too friendly on his page.  You know leave that extra smile, wink, or has to comment on something every day.  Yea that one!  That one who he says “Babe that’s just a friend or classmate,”  “uh-huh whatever” is our response and the fight starts from there.  But are we just over reacting?  Is “that chick” really a threat or are we just insecure in our relationship? In other words, How much of an input does Facebook/Twitter & other social networking sites have on our relationships?  Can Facebook Really Ruin Relationships?


Welcome to Queens Corner a ChunkyChickzWorld.com Feature Blog where  we will be discussing Sex & Relationships, penned by Weba “The Marketing Queen” of I Am Queen Enterprises.  A business whose sole responsibility is to build a professional network of women (Queens) who are the best at what they do.  “I believe every woman is a queen you just have to make it known.”  Queens Corner is a place where every woman can come & share their opinions and advice on topics that women face.  Whether its Relationships, Sex, or Life Experiences nothing is off limits, and I will always give my honest opinion and talk about my personal experiences as well.  I mean, what’s keeping it real if you are afraid to take it there?  I am also open to topics you want to see listed therefore we will feature a Dear Queen column where we discuss real life situations from my readers, so please email your letters to iamqueenent@gmail.com .  I will have a new discussion posted every Thursday so make sure you check me out every week.  Thanks, Chunky Chickz & I Am Queen Enterprises are looking forward to REIGNING with you soon.


2 comments on “QUEENS CORNER: Can Facebook Really Ruin Relationships?

  1. it shouldn’t but unfortunatley it does and thats a problem i dont know if its because its true or insecurity but i know one thing dont ask questions you dont want the answers to and if you looking for something just know you always going to find it so its better if you just dont go on their page and they stay off yours



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