The one thing that I have fallen in love with this winter is the sheer blouse. And I know, I know winter equals cold weather and I have no business wearing sheer clothing, but I just can’t help but be drawn in by these beautiful blouses.

These beautiful sheer colored blouses from Asos Curve are a fun flirty way to add some spice to your dull work outfit. It also can be transformed from desk chic to party girl if you want to grab a bit to eat with your significant other or the girls. Wear it tucked in to your pants or skirt for a more fitted look and to show off your curves or wear it just out for a billowed, flowy look.

There’s nothing ever wrong with a basic black top. Add some sheer lace to it and it transforms from a simple blouse to a sexy must have edition of your closet. I got this lovely top from and it comes also sleeveless, so throw on your cardi and your favorite boots and don’t let the weather define your sheer excellence.



Sheer Excellence Tips

  • Add a camisole or a simple tank top under the sheer blouse to conceal your tummy if you’re uncomfortable for it to be showing. The material is thin, so with some tops your bra and tummy will show.
  • Wear it the top with different cardigans, skirts and leggings. Dress it up or dress it down, have fun with it.
  • The Thrift store is another great place to find sheer tops! I have seen soo many at my local thrift stores, so make sure you check it out there to get fabulous sheer finds for great prices.

Well ladies this has been Brielle with another Fabulous Fashion Friday Post. Be sure to visit me over at and also become my tweetheart on twitter at @vinatageblondie. Until next time dolls! xoxoxo



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