Hello to all my ladies out there in ChunkyChickzWorld! Its Brielle again from here with another segment of Fashion Fridays. Today’s segment, Aztec Print. Aztec Print is sweeping in all the stores and even has been flooding my closet! Today’s segment will show you how to rock Aztec Print.

Aztec  Bottoms

Now Aztec bottoms, weather there leggings or a skirt, are a fun way to add some character to your outfit. If you’re bold enough this season, step out in a pair of tribal printed pants. Coming in an array of colors, prints and styles; create your own outfit from the ancient and be printed and bold.

Aztec Tops 

Now if the pants are a lil to extravagant, then try an Aztec printed top. It adds the same pop as the Aztec bottoms do, except it’s as calmer than the bold print at the bottom. Throw on a cardigan, blazer or scarf; and make everybody’s head turn with you bold prints.

Aztec Nails
Now another creative way to sneak some Aztec print into your wardrobe is Aztec nails! It’s cool, creative and everybody will be asking you where you got your nails done. Take these nail pictures as inspiration to you nail tech, or do it yourself following the instructions in the tutorials below. It’s very easy to do, and in time your nails will be filled with this funky print.

Well that’s it for now dolls. Be sure to visit me over at for all things fashion and beauty. Until next Friday dolls xoxo





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