Fashion Friday: To Faux Fur Or Not To Faux Fur… That Is The Question!

Fake Fur Real Photographer

Image by kenjonbro via Flickr

Hello once again to all my Chunky Chickz out there in Chunky Chickz World!! This is Brielle and I’m here with yet another Fashion Friday Post. Today’s Topic? Faux Fur accessories. Faux Fur accessories can add a touch of glam to any plain ol outfit, and add couture to a dressy outfit. Whether it’s a jacket, vest or even a bag, add some fur to your winter ensemble. Fake of course

Avenue has an array of lovely Faux Fur Coats this season. I’m crossing my fingers to see one under my Christmas tree this Sunday! They come in an arrangement of colors, styles and the hottest ones this seasoned are cropped!

Black Faux Fur Jacket- $54.99

Brown Faux Fur Jacket- $54.99

Grey Faux Fur Jacket- $69.99

All these jackets can be purchased at Avenue Stores or

If the fur jacket is a little too much, just add a touch of fur to your outfit buy slipping on a faux fur vest. These can be found pretty much anywhere, and will add some chic to any simple outfit.

Light Brown Faux Fur Vest- Foreve21 $27.80

Light Grey Faux Fur Vest- Macy’s $44.99

Caramel Faux Fur Vest- Nordstrom $74.90

And for the ladies who rather not wear the vest or the jacket, have no fear! There is still hope for you to rock this trend. Simply add a dash of fur by adding a scarf or bag! And simple as that you have also rocked the faux fur look!

Faux Fur Scarf- Macy’s $49.99

Faux Fur Bag- Nordstrom $42.90

So ladies add some Fur Flair to your winter fashion. Head over to for more beauty and fashion tips, all at affordable prices. Follow me on twitter @vintageblondie and become one of my tweethearts! Until next Friday ladies..xoxo and Happy Holidays!!!!!


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