Hello to all the ladies out there in ChunkyChickzWorld. My Name is Brielle from and I will be coming to you each and every Friday with a Fashion trend or look for you to try and add some spice to your everyday wardrobe! So lets just hop into our first installment of Fashion Fridays, starting with: The Floppy Hat

Now I have been seeing the floppy hat everywhere, first in the countdown video by Beyonce, and next some girls rocking it on my colege campus and even some of my fellow plus size bloggers rocking the hat. Now the floppy hat is usually worn in the summer time to keep the sun out your eyes, but I found it incredibly refreshing to see it being worn in the winter now as well. It wont even cost you that much to rock this great look!

Daytime Floppy Hat Swag

The Floppy Hat can add flair and sophistication to any simple outfit. Below I have used polyvore to to take your basic outfit of a tank top, cardigan and skinny’s and wedges, to a fashion-chic look with just a simple hat.  This Black Belted floppy hat can be purcheasd at  for only $20! So that’s looking good on a budget.

Don’t be afraid to buy a bold printed floppy hat to your outfit so that it can bring color, fun and flair to your outfit. Having an accent accessory can change your outfit from drag to dull and so this burnt orange really adds fun to this outfit. This beautfiul burnt orange Leatherette Braid Wool Hat can also be brought at for $19.00.

So ladies be inspired by the Floppy hat this fall. Create looks, be bold and always always have fun when getting dressed. This is the ending of my first installment of Fashion Fridays. Be sure to check me out on my blog for all things not only fashion but beauty and everything more for my curvyfashionistas our there. Follow me on twitter at @vintageblondie and show me some of your outfits of the day or just to say hey, I would love to see what fabulous things your rocking and to hear from you. Until next time ladies, XoXo




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