A New Thing!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick line to give you all some information. Chunky Chickz is going through an extreme transformation… I wish I could tell you all what I am up to, and I will very soon. (THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS!), I have been busy putting the New Chunky Chickz Movement together and I want to make sure everything is on point because we deserve the best. I’m sure this new movement is going to knock your socks off. I CAN’T WAIT!


1) If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting on the site as much it’s because I am getting ready to change the format of the site. I am looking for writers to contribute to the plus size commentary for the new CC World website so if you are interested please email me at empressccp@gmail.com

2) S/O to my girl Brittany in Atlanta. She is now the head of the A – Team in Atlanta. I am currently looking for reps in Miami, NY, Atlanta, and LA. Promo teams will be organized in these 4 areas to support the New Chunky Chickz Movement. If you are in the Atlanta area please email chunkychickzAtl@gmail.com for more info. CC’s in Miami, NY, and LA email ChunkyChickz@gmail.com.

3) If you are interested in modeling, just send your pictures to chunkychickzmodels@gmail.com. Send one full body picture and your measurements (if you know them) and your contact info. I can’t respond to all emails, but I will certainly keep you updated on future castings.

4) Chunky Chickz Radio is broadcast every Friday on 107.1FM in Miami and on www.streetconnectdjs.com. Big Thanx goes out to everyone who has continued to support the show. We get callers from all over; we’ve had callers from California, Delaware, Arkansas and even Oklahoma. That’s Awesome! For interview requests, air play inquiries etc email ccpradiomp3@gmail.com

5) Lastly please follow and support the movement… check the links below!








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